Most Improved: Delaware Girls In 100m Hurdles

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Find out who improved the most this past track season in the girls 100 meter hurdles in the state of Delaware.
1Sarah Pritchard20.4217.01-3.41
2Jasmine Ousley18.8616.75-2.11
3Ciarrah Robinson18.5316.51-2.02
4Lindsey Wong17.7916.6-1.19
5Chemia Parker21.820.65-1.15
6Natalie Nwanekwu17.7316.68-1.05
7Victoria Nevels17.4216.52-0.9
8Abrianna Asante16.6315.89-0.74
9Kezia Ufomadu20.1419.48-0.66
10Sophia Gulotti15.8315.3-0.53
11Jada Gourdine15.8915.45-0.44
12Cierra Deprisco16.9616.52-0.44
13Cameron Lucey14.7814.73-0.05
14Madelyn Williams20.4920.530.04
15Samantha Natale21.4321.540.11
16Kennedy Medley20.7120.830.12
17Lamajay Collins21.0521.270.22
18Kendal Gerard19.2619.520.26
19Diyah Shah20.9821.290.31
20Guirlande Danjoint16.7817.10.32
21Moira Dinkins22.4322.830.4
22Brazil Davis18.0918.520.43
23Jamiah Brooks20.8521.340.49
24Naya-monet Sembe16.1316.680.55
25Diane Vinson22.3923.10.71
26Teri Jones19.222.933.73