DISC Conference XC Championships 2021

Greenville, DE

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions


Hosted by Tatnall School * 1501 Barley Mill Road, Wilmington DE 19807

Questions: Patrick Castagno, Coach-Tatnall 302-494-5312 (patrickcastagno@gmail.com)

DISC Cross Country Coaches and Athletic Directors:

The DISC Championship meet is set for Thursday October 28th, 2021 at Tatnall School.

It is imperative that we begin each race on time. Please plan transportation accordingly.

Race order:

Wednesday, OCTOBER 28th DISC CHAMPIONSHIP at Tatnall

3:00 - Middle School Girls

3:20 - Middle School Boys

3:50 - Middle School Awards Ceremony to be held on Bermuda grass inside the track 

3:45 - Varsity Boys (top 7 only)

4:05 - Varsity and JV Girls (top 7 finishers will comprise the varsity)

4:30 - JV Boys (unlimited)

5:10 - Awards Ceremony

ENTRY PROCEDURES - Please enter this meet on de.milesplit.com.

Deadline is TUESDAY, Oct 24th at 8:00 pm


Both courses cover the back fields and wooded areas of our campus. The start line is at the south end

(farthest away from the school building) behind the Bermuda grass soccer field.

The finish line is on the track. Spikes are recommended.

AWARDSThe awards ceremony will take place by the start of the race (next to the PA system). 

The awards are listed below:

Middle School race:

Top 10 medals for Middle School Boys

Top 10 medals for Middle School Girls

1 trophy for first place boys middle school team

1 trophy for first place girls middle school team

Upper School race:

10 medals for top 10 individuals in the Boys Varsity Race

10 medals for top 10 individuals in the Girls Varsity Race

1 trophy for first place Boys High School team

1 trophy for first place Girls High School team

1 medal for JV Boys High School individual champion

1 medal for JV Girls High School individual champion

The awards ceremony will take place near the finish line of the races.

The top ten finishers in the Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity competition will be named DISCAll-conference status for the 2021 season.


Each athlete will be preregistered and will wear a bib number with a pull tag.  The tag will be collected at the finish line and results (individual and team) will be tallied electronically.

Teams are limited to a maximum of seven runners in the varsity boys race.

The JV boys race has no number limitation.

All high school girls will run in the girl's race


If your teams would like to see the course before Wednesday Oct 27, please let us know. However, the course will not be marked until Tuesday evening. Prior to that, the map at the top of this page is very easy to figure. If you or your coaches have any questions please contact me directly (email or cell 302-494-5312).


We would recommend 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch because of road crossings and the track finish.


Please park only spaces designated parking areas.  We look forward to being your host for this year's DISC CHAMPIONSHIP.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Patrick Castagno

Coach -Tatnall School