Salesianum Invitational 2014

Wilmington, DE

Meet Information

Registration: Direct Athletics
Register those athletes coming to the meet and simply send whatever 7 you want to the line. No need to figure out your Varsity, JV, etc the week before. Email with any questions!

Race Schedule
SCHEDULE: New Alumni/Open race at 11:00 a.m. Day of registration. Open to anyone who wants to run!!!
To assist getting runners to the line and seeing them finish, we are alternating JV races boy/girl. Varsity races still are girls first, boys second. We hope this new change helps the coaches and athletes!
11:00--Alumni/Open Race
1:00 - Boys Freshmen
1:20 Boys Junior Varsity C
1:40 Girls Junior Varsity B
2:00 Boys Junior Varsity B
2:20 Girls Junior Varsity A
2:40 Boys Junior Varsity A
3:00 Girls Varsity Small
3:20 Girls Varsity Large
3:40 Girls Championship
4:00 Boys Varsity Small
4:20 Boys Varsity Large
4:40 Boys Championship
5:15 Awards

New SAFER Course Design
The cross country course at Brandywine Creek State Park has been re-designed in 2010, providing a safer running surface while maintaining all of its challenge. The starting area permits a full invitational field to line up, and crosses a large open grass area. After the first two panhandles the course heads directly left, not down the hill as in previous years (this section was becoming unsafe). It moves towards the bottom of Maintenance Hill and circles around to go back up. The course then follows the same trail as before until it gets near the finish area, when the runners will circle the meadow area above the finish line. All turns are clearly marked with posts. The mile and two mile points are marked. The course crosses paved roads at only two brief points. Spectators will have an excellent view of the starting line and the finish area. A course map is provided at our meet website.

Wanting to have the most competitive races in each division, we have changed the divisional line up of the race. In the past there were Small, Medium, and Large school races. This year we will have a Small, Large and Championships Division! If you have questions about what Division to enter, please email:

3 Varsity divisions: Championship, Large school, Small school - all $100/gender team
4 JV divisions - JV A, JV B, JV C, Freshman Boys - $50/gender team (You MUST enter JV A if you want to enter any JV or Freshman race)
Gender max $150.00
School max of $300.00

This should prove to be one of the most COMPETITIVE, SAFE and FUN years ever at the Salesianum Invitational. The new design of the course is safer, just as difficult and more spectator friendly! Make sure to get your entries in so you can "Conquer the Creek".