Race Of The Day: 2019 DIAA State Champs D2 Boys 100

In last year's DIAA State Championships, Zion Glover of St. Mark's was able to hold off Joshua Roane (11.37) of Howard Tech and Ja'Quai Bishop (11.41) of Alexis I. DuPont for the Division 2 boys 100 meter dash title with a 11.33 performance. Glover had run even faster in the prelims at 11.05, which was his second fastest time of the season behind only his PR of 10.99 in the 100.

1Zion Glover11St. Mark's High School11.330.010
2Joshua Roane12Howard Tech High School11.370.08
3Ja'Quai Bishop11Alexis I. DuPont High School11.410.06
4James Collins11Mount Pleasant High School11.570.05
5Blaec Sanders11St. Mark's High School11.640.04
6Terell Gibbs12Milford High School11.660.03
7Kyle McClendon12Brandywine High School11.750.01
8Naz'Aire Miller11Alexis I. DuPont High School11.750.01