Leshon Collins!

LeShon Jabre Collins

LeShon Jabre Collins, Junior from Glasgow has been assaulting the all-time performance list this season in four events, the 55, 200, 400 and LJ.  He currently ranks in the top 10 of all of them!  He has had several meets where 3 to 4 personal records were the norm!  Whether he has more PR’s on Saturday at the Delaware State Indoor Championship or not isn’t really a concern for LeShon, his goal is simply to win!


We sat down and talked with LeShon about his season and this is what he had to say:


DelawareTrackXC:  What kind of training have you been doing this season?


LeShon:  I have been working hard at practice.  I have been going to open meets when I can to compete against top competition when our team has had off.  My workouts have mostly been ins/outs, 400 meter break downs with cones, interval runs.


DTXC:  How long have you been doing track and field?


LeShon:  For 6-7 years.  I started when I was about 10.  I started with a local team from my neighborhood called Yeadon Delco.  That was my first summer track club.  Then I moved over to Delco Stallion with Coach Lincoln Townsend.


DTXC:  What is your favorite event? Why?


LeShon:  My favorite event would have to be the 200, because it gives me the chance to catch people if I’m behind.


DTXC:  Do you follow other sports?  Who is your favorite team/player?


LeShon:  I like football and basketball.  I grew up playing soccer.  I played soccer for about maybe 6 years.  From age 6 to 12.  My favorite football player is Randy Moss.  Basketball player is Lebron James.


DTXC:  What are your future college plans?  What are your plans beyond college?


LeShon:  My college plans are to get a scholarship to one of the big time track schools, like Texas A&M, Florida, Florida St. or Oregon and I would like to study exercise or sports psychology.


Beyond college I would like to go to the Olympics!  I want to make it big and make a name for myself.  I want to make a USA team and run and compete for them!


DTXC:  Who is the most influential person in your life?  And what is your favorite quote?


LeShon:  Mr. Darnell.  He is like a mentor for me and I can go to him when I need help.  He’s there when I need questions answered.  He’s a role model to me.  He inspires me.


Favorite quote:  “If you’re not first, you’re last!”


DTXC:  What are your goals for the rest of indoor?  Outdoor?


LeShon:  My goals are to win the 55, 200, 400 and LJ at states and then to go to nationals and win whatever events I compete in at nationals.  In outdoor I want to break my 100 meter record, get the 200 meter record, and compete for the top spot in the 400 and LJ.  I want our team to have the best relays they can, at any competition, including Penn Relays.  Then I’d like to go to outdoor nationals and do better than I did last year.  I also definitely want to be All-State again.


DTXC:  Do you have any history of good athletes in your family?


LeShon:  Yes, my Dad was a football and basketball player.  My Mom was a track runner and cheer leader.  My god-mom ran track.  My aunt ran track.  All three of my uncles played football.  My Step Dad did football and basketball and track in college.  He threw shot put.


DTXC:  How has your coach helped you be successful this year?


LeShon:  By, first, caring about me and making sure that I do well, even though things happened this year at school.  He still helped me out and other students.


He’s helped me to work hard and adapt to the 400.  He has put me through things that I hadn’t been put through before.  He has forced me to work harder.  I basically adapted to his ways.  Listening to him.  Paying attention and having a great attitude.


DTXC:  A lot of people incorrectly state that doing cross country will make you slow.  You have done cross country the last two years, what do you have to say to those people and how has cross country affected your track seasons?


LeShon:  Cross country affected my track because I usually never did anything in the fall, but it helped me get ready for indoor so I wouldn’t be in shape.  I was ready for indoor through the fall season. 


And for anyway who thinks cross country will make you slower, you won’t know until you try it.  It hasn’t made me slower; it has actually made me better.


 DTXC:  What is your mindset going into the state meet?


LeShon:  Determination to win everything.  Stay focused throughout the meet, no distractions.  Great attitude and just be ready for the whole meet.


DTXC:  You are not built like the typical huge, bulky sprinter, so how are you so fast?


LeShon:  From working hard, I always work hard.  I don’t lift weights at all, but I manage to keep myself healthy.  I don’t like lifting weights at all.


DTXC:  What colleges have showed interest in you so far?


LeShon:  Miami, Arizona St., Louisiana Tech and Louisville sent a fax requesting my grades from school, so they seem very interested.


DTXC:  What is on your IPod right now?


LeShon:  Meek Mill, which is my “get hype music”, Lil’ Wayne, Rick Ross, Drake, Tiger and Wacaflaka flave.


DTXC:  Favorite movie?


LeShon:  Friday After Next


DTXC:  Favorite video game?


LeShon:  NBA 2K11 and I am very good at it!


DTXC:  Any last comments?


LeShon:  Everybody go to the meet tomorrow and come watch!  It should be exciting!


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