Race Tab Meet Management and Submitting Results

RaceTab Meet Results Program


RaceTab is a free  meet management application for track & field, cross country, and road races. It is sponsored and distributed by MileSplit. MileSplit DC's recommended and preferred alternate results formatting program for those meet directors who do not use Hy-Tek software.

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Email results to slee@milesplit.us




If you are typing results into a Word document, spreadsheet, etc. (and computing team scores manually), with printouts not attractive & difficult to distribute, and results not readily transferable to athlete, team, conference, and state statistics, use RaceTab.


RaceTab is FREE T&F/XC/RR management software offered by MileSplit to make your meet operations and results preparation more efficient and effective. Since most schools hosting meets have meet management procedures in place, for now we’ll address only how to download and use RaceTab to efficiently prepare and distribute your meet results.




1.      Open https://de.milesplit.com

2.      Click on Resources > RaceTab Manager to go to the RaceTab website.

3.      Under Main Page, click on Download RaceTab.

4.      Under Down Load, click on the latest version.

5.      Under “Do you want to run or save this file?”, click on Run.

6.      Within Licenser Agreement, click on I Agree.

7.      Within Installation Options, keep all selected and click on Next.

8.      Accept the default Destination Folder, click Install.

9.      After the installation is complete, click Close.

10.  RaceTab is installed, and a RaceTab icon is placed on your desktop.





1.      Double-click on the R3 icon on your desktop to open RaceTab.


2.      The first time you go to RaceTab you must submit your profile information. After that, you will be taken directly to the Create/Open/Download/Import Meet page.


3.      If your meet is already on the https://de.milesplit.com Calendar, click on Download From MileSplit, select the date of the meet, Search for meets on that date, and click on your meet.

a.       If your meet is not on the Calendar, email the meet information to slee@milesplit.com, wait until your meet is placed on the Calendar, and then go to step 3.

b.      If you’ve previously opened your meet in RaceTab, click on Open Existing Meet and select your meet.


4.      Under the Setup tab - Review all included information. Do not change the Meet Information. If incorrect, contact slee@milesplit.com to provide corrected information, and to have that corrected information placed with your meet on the Calendar, before proceeding. Under Scoring and Timing options, select appropriate options if not correct.


5.      Also under the Setup tab - click on Divisions… > Add > enter “High School” in the Name box > Save. If you have other divisions (e.g., Middle School, College), add those and select appropriate other options.


6.      Under the Team tab - Add all teams participating in the meet. To add each team, click on +, then enter team Name (consistent with MileSplit team names) and a short unique abbreviation (e.g., “Wash” for “Washington”).


7.      Under the Athletes tab - In cross country, where each athlete runs only one event, you may add athletes directly under Events; and therefore do not have to add athletes under Athletes.


8.      Under the Events tab - Under Events, add each different event (e.g.; “Boys”, “Girls 4k”, “2A Boys”, “JV Girls”).


9.      To enter results for each event - click on the event, and enter for each finisher:

a.  bib # - not needed; include if runners wore numbered bibs and race photos were taken, to help identify runners in the photos


b.   Athlete - first & last names either as “Jane Doe” or “Doe, Jane” (RaceTab will automatically convert “Jane Doe” to “Doe, Jane”). If you have no name for a place/time, leave Athlete blank.

c. Team - start entering the team name and select the total team name from the drop-down list.

d. Place - don’t include; will be calculated automatically later from entered times.

e. Time - a time of “12:34.56” may be entered as “12:34.56” or “123456”. RaceTab will convert “123456” to “12:34.56”. However, if you just enter 1234, that will be converted to 12.34; so enter full 6 digits for proper conversion.

f. If you omit an athlete, just add later with correct time. RaceTab will put in proper place according to times.

g. When all finishers are entered for the event, click on Score to assign individual places and automatically compute team scores.


h. When results are entered for each or all Events, click on Results to see results, or Team Scores to see only team scores.


10. Under the Publish tab - Click on Complete Results (columns) to See, Save As, and/or Print your results. If preparing results for the media, click on Complete Results (AP style).